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Please Help Me:Even though I Don't Say Hallel On Yom Haatzmaut - I Am Thrilled To Be Here

I love living in Israel!!! Even though I still haven't figured out how they are able to get milk into those sealed bags. Still, I get a mitzva every second I am here. I once heard that when Rav Nevenzhal flies to America he gets a seat at the back of the plane so that he stays in Israel for the additional second. Since I generally try not to believe fairy-tales I approached the Rav and asked him myself. And it's true!!

The Gemara in Sotah [14] asks why Moshe wanted so desperately to enter the Land. And the Gemara answers that he wanted to enter the land in order to fulfill the Mitzvos dependent on the land ["mitzvos hatluyos baáretz"] such as trumos and maasros. I have a more basic reason to enter the land - namely to fulfill the mitzva of living in Israel. So why did the Gemara not mention that reason? [In fact many try to prove from this Gemara that there is no mitzva to live in Israel. But I don't accept that position. I am a Tolna Chossid - not a Satmar Chossid.....].

Please help me.

I believe that some מצות התלויות בארץ began immediately upon entering, others not until the completion of the כבישה, and still others not until the completion of the חלוקה. Is it possible that there was no מצוה to simply be in א"י at that point? Or, to be מדייק in Rebbe's לשון, that the מצוה is ליישב א"י, which could not be done until at least the completion of the כבישה or possibly even the חלוקה?


why no hallel on YH?

your talmud,


This question bothered me so I asked this question to a contemporary of mine Danny Friedman and he said 2 possable answers. 1) the passage in sotah is aggadatah and we don't learn halacha from aggadata generally speaking. 2) The pasuk says "vehirashtem veyishavtem" --its a commandmant not just to conquer the land but to settle it as well--you need both for the mitzvah to be applicable - so until the settling of the land the mitzvah to live there doesn't apply and that is why it wasn't listed. What does rebbe think?

Reb Shlomo
Please email me your email address.
No hallel on Yom Haatzmaut because [among other reasons] the MIRACLE which would mandate Hallel was the fact that the Israeli's [with no military expertise] successfully staved [is that a word?] off the attack of the warring Arab armies only happened afterward. On the fifth of Iyar they declared the state which was courageous and providential but the real miracle happened afterwards!

Yor friend and fan


ps regards to the family!!

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Rav Ally,
Interesting idea, but then you should be saying hallel on some other date - though I'm not sure how that would be chosen. That is, of course, if not for the "among other reasons", which is probably what shlomo would really like to know.
Please enlighten us all.

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