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Why Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh Says Hallel On Yom Haatzmaut!!! [Alternative Title:2007 Or 1984 - What Would Reb Orwell Say?]

Sweetest Friends!!!!

An event has transpired that cannot be described as cataclysmic by any strech of the imagination but is nevertheless noteworthy.

A Netiv Aryeh graduate was not happy. He understood from my last post that I was saying that in Netiv Aryeh, Hallel is not said on Yom Haatzmaut. He called the Rosh Hayeshiva Shlita to complain. The Rosh Hayeshiva was not happy. I was then called in for a meeting with the Rosh Hayeshiva in order to be reprimanded. I was not happy.

I will let you decide for yourself if there was any such implication. However I must clarify. In Netiv Aryeh, Hallel is said on Yom Haatzmaut!!! And for a very good reason. Because so ruled the Rosh Hayeshiva. Period. So if one is a student in Netiv Aryeh he says Hallel on Yom Haatzmaut. Five exclamation points.

Generally speaking these posts do not represent the viewpoint of the Yeshiva. I try to present dvar Hashem as I see it. It is in no way connected to the Yeshiva. So if one has issues with what I write, it should in no way reflect negatively on the Yeshiva.

On a personal note - I don't want to use this blog as a platform to get fired from a job that I immensely enjoy. So if you don't like me for whatever reason and would like me to be fired - call me up and I will try to appease you. If you have criticism of anything I write - you can post a comment and set me straight. I want to find the truth on every matter relating to the spirit and would be honored if you would help me see the light. And in general the halacha says that if you have a gripe against someone you are obligated to first approach them directly before complaining to a third party. Otherwise there is a problem of a certain prohibition about which the Chafetz Chaim famously wrote.

With Love and Blessings To All

I Remain Your Humble Servant

Elchanan ben Henna Miriam

The following is a letter I wrote to Rebbe. I encourage everyone to call/write Rav Bina and express their dismay at what has transpired as I will be doing.

"I cannot tell you how outraged and disappointed and angry I am that someone had the nerve to complain about you to the rosh yeshiva when no wrong act was committed or said. The fact that someone would complain to Rav Bina about you is astounding and I think that it is outrageous. I will be writing to Rav Bina and voicing my support for you. I quote (about yom haatzmaut and whether to say Hallel or not) "...when boys ask me what to do - I tell them to follow their Rebbe [or the Yeshiva if they are Netiv boys]." Rebbe is a class act and to think that someone felt that they should get rebbe in trouble bothers me to no end."

שמעו כי נאנחה אני...מעי חמרמרי לשמעו שבר בן הענא מרים

Thanks Sweet Hillel but no protest is necessary!!!

Will - I knew you were very smart but I didn't know how funny you were. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

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