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Even The Chaon Ish Made A Bracha On Hallel On Rosh Chodesh

Since the theme recently has been Hallel I thought that I would share with you the following query. The Mechaber rules in the Halachos of Rosh Chodesh that Hallel should be recited on Rosh Chodesh without a bracha. The reason is that Hallel on Rosh Chodesh is only a custom and we don't make a bracha on a minhag. [Ashkenazim don't follow this ruling and make a bracha even on Rosh Chodesh.]

However the Mechaber also rules that one makes a bracha on the lighting of the Menorah in shul. However, the lighting of the Menorah in shul is only a custom. There is no source for it in the Gemara. So according to the Mechaber's principle [in Hilchos Rosh Chodesh] one should not be permitted to make a bracha.

Please Help Me.

What does the מחבר rule about the מהנג to make קידוש in shul on Friday night?

biderech efshar you might be able to say that the chanuka lighinng is different b/c of the factor of pirsumei nisa, we wil make the at for that just a stam "minhag"
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