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Letting your fingers do the walking

Rabbi Yehuda Halevi waxed poetic when he wrote "I am in the west but my heart is in the east". In a similar vein I can proclaim - I am in the east but my PHONE is in the west.

My number is 1-646-375-4088. Often people say "Sorry for bothering you...." If it was a bother I wouldn't publicize my number. I like people - particularly Jews. So don't feel badly if you call.

With thanks to Alex Bell and Bill Gates - and of course Hashem [I still can't get over the miracle they call telephone]!!!!

Your faithful servant

Elchanan Ben Henna Miriam

Rav Ally,
Can you post your local (Israeli) phone number and/or your email address as well?



i see from your posts rebbe hat you keep late hours. when is an ideal time to call you when it wont disturb others in the house nor take you away from something important?


Just not from friday sundown untll saturday night. But Amichai - that is not a problem for you. You wouldn't want to call then anyway.
Hope things are greeeeeat.
Love and brotherhood!

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