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Disappearing Brachos

In Parshas Vayechi [48/15] it says that Yaakov blessed Yosef saying .....
But if you look at the pesukim there is NO bracha given to Yoseph. Where did the bracha disappear to?

Please help me.

Rashbam - a brachah on the sons is a brachah on the father too. see also 1st line of Ramban.
(contrast to sforno, that there was yosefs separate brachah DAVKA not mentoned!)
the ohr hachayim however doesnt seem to like the ramban's explanation, and offers that "vayevarech" IS the brachah - that yosef should always be blessed.
a second answer he offers is from midrash raba that avraham had the 'accent' of (ie knew how to give a) bracha and gave it to yitzchak, who gave it to yaakov, and here yaakov is passing it on to yosef (as he does to all the 12 shvatim (see the midrash itself)

as a follow up id like to offer a few more...

Hizkuni follows rashabm

the SHLA"H (according to the Rambam answers his Question) and asks 'didnt yaakov bless [yosef's] sons and not yosef? there is no greater bracha for a father than that his children will be good and 'kosher'.
see also parpara'ot latorah, says same idea

the Zohar here says that we daresh form the word Et that a blesing on the sons is a blessing on the father.

the Ritz"va asks how was this a blessign for yosef? If a fatehr has children that are proper he is exalted by them and wants his name bestowed upon them. but of children who stray from the straight path he is embarrassed by and doesnt want them to carry his name. thus the words "vayikra bahem shmi vshem avotai", that they will be a tiferet to their father(s), and this is the brachah to yosef

'Otzar Hamachshava Shel Chassidut": yosef had the bchina of a tzaddik who wanted to help and influence those in need. when the tzaddik sees that the influence that comes from above is goodness and redemption he is happy. that itself is his brachah. the esscence of the tzaddik's being and will in his service to HKBH is to awaken, that Hashem may influence (ie to give) all his good and blessing to Knesset Yisrael. so we see that yaakovs blessing to his sons was mamesh a brachah for yosef himself!

see also abarbnel, parshat vayechi, question 11

see also Sfat Emet, parshat vayechi, 1) taf-reish-lamed-bet, 2) taf-reish-lamef-zayin, 3) taf-reish-mem-tet. (if anyone can please explain them to me, please do. thanx)

shabbat shalom!

Amichai -
You are a veritable encyclopedia of biblical commentary!!!!

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