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Why did the chicken cross to the other side of the road?

Woops!! I think I messed up the joke.

Anyway, with a heart filled with joy it is my pleasure to report that due to the extreme generosity of a few individuals Tomchei-Shabbos/Zichron Esther has already raised enough money to provide 2+ chickens weekly for 9 Old City families for almost a whole year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week distribution will begin, im yirtze Hashem. The families are extremely grateful!

Our goal is to provide complete Shabbos meals for all approximately 40 needy Old City families. [Our ultimate goal is to end world hunger. But as Rav Volbe teaches in Alei Shor - one must start with more modest goals, otherwise he is liable to give up before he starts.]

If you would like to donate, my good friend R' Ariel Edelstein [ariel.edelstein@lehman.com] has graciously [without being asked!!] offered to accept the donations and pass them on to me. He is also a human calculator who saves me the trouble of having to make calculations

Important note: Nobody connected to us is taking any salary G-d forbid. We don't need or want any money from this. We are trying to keep our overhead to the bare minimum - in the meantime zero. So if you are donating, you should know that you are getting the maximum out of your tzedaka dollar. Also, we are in no way connected to the Yeshiva. We accept and are willing to provide both for Yom Haatzmaut Hallel sayers, Tachanun sayers and even those who shorten the davening by skipping both. [JOKE!!!]

Also we are working on making donations tax deductible but that will take time.

If anyone would like to help in non-financial ways please contact me and I might just take you up on it.

Love and Brotherhood

Elchanan Ben Henna Miriam

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