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I find it difficult to rely on the Manhattan Eruv

The reason is that I consistently spend Shabbos in Jerusalem. It is very hard to carry in Manhattan while in Jerusalem!

However in the latest Commentator [Y.U.'s student newspaper] there is a shocking revelation. One of Rav Soloveitchik's close students said that the Rov held that Manhattan is a reshus harabbim min hatorah meaning that it is impossible to build an eruv - rendering the present eruv invalid. The reason it is so shocking is that [if I am not mistaken] none other than the Rov's students are the driving force behind the eruv.

So there are a number of possibilities. 1 - They differ with their Rebbe. 2 - He never said it. [Unlikely because we must assume the person who reported the psak is an honest individual.] 3 - He changed his mind.

If someone can clarify this for me I would appreciate it.

What wasn't shocking was that he was stridently opposed to woman's hakafos.

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