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Mazel Tov to Michael Eisenberg on the birth of his daughter. Michael is the only person on earth who is: A Talmid Chacham, Partner in a Venture Capital Firm, Chesed activist, father of seven AND he still finds time to be an insightful commentator on Alleyways!!!

Shalom Yitzchak Chaim Dworkin on his marriage!! He is a true Ohaiv Torah who still finds time to keep in touch with me! Also if you add the word "Mar" to his name you come up with a very interesting roshei taivos.

R' Chaim Walfish on his engagement. I would write that he is one of the 36 hidden tzaddikim in whose merit the world stands - but then he wouldn't be hidden anymore! So Iwill just say that he is a true "omel b'Torah" and a very special person.

Rav Shimon Peretz on the birth of his son. R' Shimon is my partner in feeding the hungry. [His wife also helps by feeding their hungry children]. He is also a Talmid Chacham and Tzaddik.

Yehuda Leib Grunbaum on his engagement. One day in the not so distant future Yehudah Leib will be a MAJOR Rosh Yeshiva. I don't know if I have ever seen a lamdan like him graduate our Yeshiva. His Kallah should speak to the likes of Rebbetzin Knyevsky to find out what it is like to be married to a Gadol!

Dovid Katzper on the birth of a girl. R' Dovid loves Hashem and I love him!

And to ALL Yidden who are celebrating simchas.

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