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Answer: Megilla Reading In Yericho

Megilla reading in Yericho: In L'horos Nossan [vol. 2/55] there is a fascinating responsa on the topic. [The question is also discussed by Rav Yoseph Lieberman in the first volume of Mishnas Yoseph simman 53. I am so impressed that Senator Lieberman took time out from his busy schedule to write such a learned halachic work...] He rules that the reading should take place on the 14th.

1. The Ran says that in order to be considered a walled city it must first have a wall and then be inhabited by Jews [with a wall]. By the time the Jews settled in Yericho it no longer had a wall.

2. We are not sure that the place we call Yericho today is the Biblical Yericho.

No connection but I can't resist. A quote I saw in a friends email: "If at first you don't succeed - then don't try skydiving".

A freilichin Adar tyere yidden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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