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Besides Everything Else - Haman Was VERY Materialistic!!

Around Chanukah time I asked what it means [in Maoz Tzur] "rov banav v'kinyanav al haƔytz taleesa" not only were Haman and his children hanging but his "possessions" as well. Why hang his couch, dining romm table and television. Well come to think of it I understand the T.V. part, but why the rest of his possessions?

I once saw an answer [I don't remember where] based on he Gemara in megilla [end of 15a] that teaches us that Mordechai actually owned Haman [as a slave] and Haman had a record of his treasures hanging on his heart. So whenever he saw Mordechai he became extremly agitated because he was reminded that all of his wealth belonged to Mordechai [for all of the possessions of a slave belong to his master].

That is what "kinyanav" means - the record of his treasures hanging on his chest!

I personally thought "kinyanav" could be explained based on the last Rashi in parshas ki seitzei which states that we may leave no remnant of Amalek - including their animals. So maybe it was Haman's three dogs and two cats hanging on the tree -[Sorry A.S.P.C.A. people - but a mitzva is a mitzva] with his T.V., d.v.d.'s and Rap Music collection of course.

Now that you are definitely learning inyanei purim I am confident that you will enlighten me if you come up with any more answers!

Love and Peace from the Holy City!!

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