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Mussar Sefarim

There are many great mussar sefarim. Shaarei Teshuva [Rabbenu Yonah], Chovos Halevavos [Rabbenu Bechaye], Messilas Yesharim [Ramchal], Ohr Yisrael [R' Yisrael Salanter], Chochma U'mussar [Alter Mi'Kelm], Ohr Hatzafun [Alter Mi'Slabodka], Da'as Chochma U'Mussar [R' Yerucham Levovitz], Sichos Mussar [R' Chaim Shmuelevitz], my personal favorite Alei Shor [R' Shlomo Volbe] and many many more!! These books can inspire, enlighten and edify - if learned properly.

But the most powerful mussar sefer of all is called "Sefer" Beis HaCholim.

You learn to appreciate what you have, what you don't have, what really matters and what your priorities should be. But in order to learn the right lessons it helps immensely to learn the other sefarim. So even though my son and I just went through two very trying days both physically and emotionally I hope that we are better people for it.

One more lesson it brings home very powerfully is how important it is to daven for others. Ill people are out of sight - out of mind. Even when we hear that someone is suffering it cannnot be compared to seeing their suffering first hand. I was lying in the children's ward in the hospital listening to sweet innocent children crying the whole night. It is heartbreaking and reminds one how much we need the Geulah.

May we be zocheh to see a speedy fulfillment of the pasuk in this week's parsha "vihasirosi machala mikirbecha".

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