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Wear A Smile And Have Friends, Wear A Scowl And Have Wrinkles. What Do We Live For If Not To Make The World Less Difficult For Each Other" [G. Eliot]

That's it. It's over.

Anyone who is: dejected, depressed, despondent, disconsolate, melancholy, downcast, sad, forlorn [two lorn + two lorn], low, in the doldrums, gloomy, disheartened, discouraged, grieving, sorrowful etc. etc. etc. No more.

IT'S ADAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FREILICH, TYERE YIDDEN! [I won't overwhelm you with all of the synonyms for happy, joyful, merry, jovial, elated, cheerful, jocular, buoyant, exhilarated etc. etc.]

A sign we put on the wall in the childrens bedroom:


It doesn't cost anything, but it's worth a fortune
It enriches the receiver, while not impoverishing the giver

There is no person so strong
who can exist without it

There is no person so powerful
For whom a smile will not add

There are some tired people that in order to enable them to smile at you

Because -

There is no person who is in need of a smile
as much as a person who is unable to smile.

i totally agree- however, why is that the shulchan orach codifies the gemorahs statement that when we enter av we should minimize our simcha. but the shulchan orach doesnt codify the statement in the gemorah that when we enter adar we should enhance our simcha ( or our simcha is enhanced)??

Great hayara!!!

Sefer tehilla lyonah on Taanis discusses it.
1. See chasam sofer orach chaim 160 [they must have chasam sofers in Raanana]
2. Numukei orach chaim [The Munkatcher Rebbe] - There are no specific maasim that are required to enhance the simcha of adar.
3.Yalkut Gershuni [786]- The simcha of adar has to be just like the miut simcha of Av. Both l'shem shomayim. Since it is much harder to be happy lshmah than it is to be less happy - the Shulchan Oruch [and Rambam] ommited it. [In a similar vein - but more "bderech tzachos" - jocularly, the question is asked why there is no hilchos loshon hara in the S.A.? The answer given [I think by the chidushei harim] is that the issur is unfortunately not noheg b'zman hazeh....
On this last answer the tehilla lyonah asks a strong questtion.

I just opened up my Nitei Gavriel on Hilchos Purim and I saw on page 96 that he lists a slew of sources that deal with the question.
One answer is that the SA paskens that we can read from R.C. Adar so pshita that the festivities begin then!!!

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