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Colorful Shabbos - Answer

The melacha of tzovea is done only when the person is interested in coloring the surface. We ARE interested in knowing [in both cases] whether or not there is blood [emanating from the woman] but we have NO interest in the sheet or cloth being red. Therefore there is no problem of tzovea.

This can be contrasted with the makeup example, where the woman wants her face to be colored. That is why it is forbidden. [Can a white, caucasian woman wearing makeup be called a woman of color? Would that be politically correct?]

[Based on Chasam Sofer Ksubos 5a and Reb Arieh Friedner. Check out his website www.ShtarkCards.com]

But we arent interested in staining the sheets either

That is why it is muttar!

oh I misread the origional question. I thought the gemarah took issue with the staining but when I think about it think I remember the problem being with a chabura made on shabbat.

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