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Supernatural Healing

There was a well known rabbi in Brody, Galicia named Rav Shlomo Kluger [1783-1869] who wrote a remarkable 160 volumes of Torah novellae!! [He probably didn't have time to watch too much T.V. Amazing how much a person can accomplish if he doesn't waste time.] In his time there was a deathly ill Jew in dire need of a refuah. Another rabbi in town ruled that it is permitted to have a gentile write down the name of the sick person and send it to a holy tzaddik in a different town on Shabbos [normally it is forbidden to have a gentile write on behalf of a Jew on Shabbos]. This rabbi felt that it is permitted in this instance because the prayers of the holy tzaddik might save the sick person's life.

The great Rabbi Kluger was infuriated by this ruling. "No, no, no!!" he said. We are only allowed to violate the shabbos for the sake of a natural means of healing and not a supernatural means. [Shut Uvacharta Bachaim 87] But see the Tzitz Eliezer [Vol. 4 Simman 4 Os 17] for a slightly different perspective [although the conclusion is identical].

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