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What Rabbi Zemba Was Thinking About On The Day He Was Murdered - Answer

There is a difference between lacking the beis hamikdash and having strings for only one corner. When there is no beis hamikdash and no korbanos we have an intrinsic lacking ["cheser mahuti"]. Whereas when a person by chance lacks strings for all four corners of his tzitzis, it could be because the store is closed or because he hasn't been payed yet this week or for any other technical reason. However the reason is not intrinsic but rather something that can be taken care of over time. For example, if he doesn't have strings now then he can tie them tomorrow. This is different than our inability to bring korbanos [for the metzora] which is not merely a technical problem but an intrinsic one - we have no beis hamikdash.

So now we understand why the mitzva of wearing tzitzis on even one corner overrides the sin of shatnez even though we lack the whole set in contrast to the mitzva of purifying the metzora which cannot be done if we lack the whole set [i.e. the korbanos].

[The Tolna Rebbe Shlita]

can't the lack of the beis hamikdash be taken care of too? if we are zoche we can have it back at any moment!

There is clearly a difference between our lack of beis hamikdash and this individuals missing strings.

Come back soon!!!

But what about techelet which, unlike the other 3 corners, can't be remedied quickly?

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