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A Fast Shabbos

Yom Kippur is coming up and frankly - I have a problem. I love Shabbos and particularly enjoy eating Shabbos meals. This Yom Kippur falls out on Shabbos and I will be skipping my Shabbos meals. So will you. No challah, no kugel, no cholent, no gefilte fish!

But wait! I heard an idea!!! To accept Shabbos early, make kiddush and eat my Shabbos meal before dark. Then Yom Kippur will begin at sundown and I will happily fast. This way I will "have my cake and NOT eat it too." But this isn't recommended by our Sages, so I will not do it. But why not? Sounds like a great idea [some people say "idier"].

Once you accept Shabbat early, are you not also accepting yom kippur? you cannot accept shabbat alone?

why not?

this came up in a shiur i attended on shabbat, he (Rav Immanuel Levy) also said you can't bring in shabbat early without also bringing in yom kippur, i asked him why not?

he wasn't willing to get into it.

(i tried to bring a proof from shabbath in which rishonim debate whether or not one act can perform two melachot -- despite the fact that it is obvious to an observer than one action can have multiple outcomes. likewise, even though it seems obvious we can't bring in one day without bringing in the other, who said that that is the case according to halachah?)

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