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A Rebbe For Torah Only?

Dear Alleyways

I read your post about obesity and I was just curious - why did you feel it necessary to write a post about health when your main interest and focus is usually Torah?

Phil from Philly

Dearest Phil,

I never cease to be amused by the cool names that some of my readers have. Let's say that you lived in Montana, "Phil from Montana". Doesn't have the same ring to it as "Phil from Philly." But then again if you lived in Montana your parents would probably have named you "Monty". Then you could have been cousins with Mr. Python. Remember the great 49ers quarterback Joe Montana? I wonder where he was from. I don't know if I can ever forgive him for destroying my beloved Dolphins in the '84 Super Bowl. Well, Yom Kippur is coming up...

In any event to answer your question I will refer you to one of my favorite gemaras EVER. Rav Huna asked his son Rabbah why he is not attending the classes of Rav Chisda who was exceptionally sharp. Rabbah answered "Why should I attend his classes, he speaks about mundane matters such as health." Rav Huna answered his son in wonderment "He is talking about matters that pertain to the preservation of human life and you derogatorily call that "mundane matters". If that is what he talks about you should most certainly attend his classes!! [Shabbos 82a and see Rav Kook's Ain Ayah]

We see the importance of sharing health tips with others. It is part of our spiritual service.

Love and Blessings

A little belated comment,
R. Hirsch zatzal on parshat Ki Tavo has an amazing thought on the pasuk"Hashkifah M'meon Kodshecha..." He expounds on the importance of maaser shaini and its relevance in terms of the sanctification of the material life... basically eating in order to live and do mitzvos rather than living in order to eat...

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