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There is a halacha that if a couple has been married for 10 years and have not had a baby [G-d forbid!!] then they should get divorced so that the man can marry someone else and fulfill his mitzva of procreation [some people are pro-abortion. I am pro-creation].

The question is, that we know that a person is only obligated to spend up to one fifth of his money in order to fulfill a positive mitzva [a negative commandment - known in the parlance as a lo ta'aseh - requires one to spend every last penny!! So if I can save myself from speaking loshon hara by spending all of my money I am obligated to do so.]. Now one's wife is certainly worth more than one fifth of his money [we hope]. So why is a man obligated to lose his wife in order to fulfill the positive commandment of having children. She is worth more than a fifth???

isn't the halach that if your wife doesn't have a child for 10 years then you cannot push off your chiyuv by waiting for her any longer and you should marry a second wife (pre-cherem d'rabeinu gershom days) in order to fulfill your obligation? (as Avraham married Hagar)but there is no reason to divorce your first wife?

Rabbeinu Yehuda

See Shulchan Aruch Even Haezer 154/10.

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