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I have so many weaknesses and faults that it is embarrassing. But there is one area where I consider myself completely free of any problems - obesity. Obesity and overeating afflict millions of Americans and it is not healthy to say the least! At about 5 foot ten and a half inches and 125 pounds I can honestly say that being overweight is not - nor has it ever been - an issue for me.

So here is my advice to take care of the body that G-d gave you to serve Him. If you are hungry eat a little bit and WAIT twenty minutes. This will teach you self control - a trait of great spiritual value. But it will also allow your stomach to send the message to your brain that you are not so hungry anymore. Eat a little bit more and wait again. This way you will not eat too much. Otherwise people eat much more than they need to because their brain hasn't yet received the message that the body doesn't need so much food.

Also, listening to a shiur from allleyways can help one lose weight - provided that one exercises while doing so. A multi-tasking endeavor which will yield great dividends - in this world and the next.

Yeah, I'll agree that this is NOT a problem you have... now, anorexia... ;) (kidding)

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