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Honking Horns

I often ponder the issue of HONKING HORNS. When someone honks, all too often the person who is blocking the road is unable to move forward because the car in front of him is stuck - behind another car which is stuck. So why do people often honk? Nervousness. It doesn't help. But people are sooooo edgy. Chill Phil. Also it stems from an attitude that the road exists only so that I can use it for MY purposes. So how can someone get in MY way on MY road and obstruct MY path. CHUTZPAH!


This is called not so affectionately by the mussar books - Gaivah [for females - girlvah].

Sometimes honking wakes up the driver in the other car from a deep slumber. In such an instance it is a great idea.

To utilize Brisker terminology - two dinim in honking.

my wife suggested that slichot all of elul is basically like honking horns outside HaShem's window at 4 in the morning.. only honking horns might achieve more immediate results.. (though perhaps less favorable)

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