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A Poor Choice - Part 2

The Chebiner Rav [Rav Dov Berish Weidenfeld one of the leading Rabbinic authorities in the 1900's] in his Dovev Meisharim [Vol. 2/18] rejected the aforementioned proof for 3 reasons.

1] The pasuk mentions the arm tefillin first NOT to teach that if you can only buy the arm tefillin or the head tefillin you should choose the arm tefillin but to teach that when you put on the head tefillin the arm tefillin should already be in place. So the pasuk is not in order of importance but in the order of placement.

2] The gemara in Menachos [34] says that the head tefillin is holier [mekudash]. Holier takes precedence over what is written first in the pasuk.

3] When the gemara says that that you make a bracha first on what is written first in the pasuk the gemara means that if you plan to eat both items you make a bracha on what is first in the pasuk. But in our tefillin case where it is either one or the other [arm or head] the gemara would not apply.

Conclusion: Go with the head tefillin.

Advice: Go to a gemach [free loan fund] and borrow a pair until the finances pick up.

P.S. Yesterdays post about O.J. inspired a shiur on the topic that can be found in the Chagim section entitled Yom Kippur: Plan.

i have a spare pair of tefillin, if there is anyone out there reading this who needs a pair. call me 054 640 1406 (+972 54 640 1406 from outside of israel)

That is very kind of you!

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