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Thoughts On Thinking

Today I saw a good quote "Readers are plentiful, thinkers are rare."

Gemara. Talmud. Shas. There are so many readers of that wonderful corpus of literature. The words of the Living G-d [Divrei Elokim Chaim]. Yet many make the mistake of reading and learning without taking the time out to reflect on what they are reading. Wrong! We are not human vacuum cleaners sucking up knowledge indiscriminately.

One must constantly challenge, probe, analyze and explore the text. There are so many gems but like any other treasure a great deal of effort is required until they are revealed.

In conclusion [that is how I was taught in elementary school to end an essay], one must learn in depth, never passively accept what the teacher is saying unless his words are fully understood and constantly try to attain higher and more profound levels of understanding. That is what makes the learning experience so special.

And of course never to forget to take the words of Torah from the mind and implant them upon the heart. Psach LEEBEE bisorasecha - open up my HEART to your Torah.

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