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Riddle-In : A Riddle Designed To Keep You "Focused" On Torah - A Shofarian Anomaly

What would be a scenario where we would have a shofar that is kosher for all intents and purposes [nobody vowed not to derive benefit, wasn't ever used for Avodah Zara etc.] yet it would be kosher for Reuvain and unkosher for Shimon. [Riddle heard from the Tolna Rebbe Shlita.]

Hint: The answer could be found after a CAREFUL reading of the Biur Halacha in Simman 586.

Bonus: What Rosh Hashana word equals exactly 586?

shofar------- what do i win?

A great wife and baby [and more to come]. A meal at the Ehrmans. A lifetime friendship with me [hope that's a prize]. A bracha for a ksiva vichasima tova!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't see the source cited, but what about a שופר owned by ראובן where שמעון is מודר הנאה from ראובן? Or would we say there that the קול is the חפצא, just like אין בקול דין גזל?

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