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Averting The Evil Decree

Yom Kippur is coming up and there is no better way to ensure a positive judgement than by sharing Hashem's money with others [it is hard to part with your own money but to part with someone elses cash is no big deal]. So here are two very, very highly recommended causes. I urge everyone to give something.

1] Help the poor of the Old City [the first priority in tzedaka after family members] - medical bills, hachnosos kallah, food etc. etc. Many people [450-550 a week!] are in dire need!

Make out your tax deductable checks to the "In His Image Foundation" and mail to:
In His Image Foundation
c/o Realty Data Processing
303 Merrick Road
Suite 506
Lynbrook, NY 11563

In Israel you can send to:
Rav Tzvi Aryeh Ingber
Rechov Minzar Ha'ashurim 2
Old City Jerusalem

Please indicate on the memo line of your check whether your intention is for:

Family Fund [helps purchase clothing for families who cannot afford it. Essential before the holidays].
Food Project
Medical Fund
Hachnassas Kallah Fund

2] Go to Netiv Aryeh's website [www.yna.edu] and donate to the orphans of the late Rav Podolsky zt"l. Seven young, sweet children, no father. You know the story.

My plan is that next year I will not have to ask because either a] Moshiach will come and solve all of our problems or b] I will become so rich that I will singlehandedly be able to support these worthy causes.

The first possibility is far more likely to occur than the second .............

Love and blessings for a year of great prosperity for all!!!

[Any questions? You may call me at 646-461-1628 or 02-6289-148]

I've been looking for "In His Image" address to send a check from our Shul. Thanks to Google finding your post, I can now send it to them. Tizku L'Mitzvot and G'mar Tov.

Marvin Diamond

Tizke Lmitzvot back to you and may this year bring limitless bounty for you and yours!

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