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Riddle-In : A Riddle Designed To Keep You "Focused" On Torah - A Shofarian Anomaly: Answer

Most authorities say that there is a standard size for a shofar - either one tefach [3-4 inches] or three tefachim. However the Ritva [quoted by Biur Halacha] says that the shofar must be visible when held by the person blowing. So if Reuvain has a small hand and the shofar remains visible when he holds it, it is kosher. But if Shimon [who is six foot eleven. He must have converted. Jews don't get so tall...] holds the very same shofar and it is not visible in his mammoth hands then it is not kosher and he must find a larger one.

The simman in which the laws of a kosher shofar are discussed is 586 - the gematria of "shofar".


[Heard from the Rebbe Shlita.]

And שנים מקרא ואחד תרגום is discussed in רפה, for obvious reasons.

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