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Benching On The Mon - How So?

The gemara says in Brachos [48] that when the "mon" fell Moshe Rabbeinu instituted the first bracha of benching called "ha'zon". [Benching is what Jews do after they eat - and what I did on the high school basketball team. I should have brought a sandwich along to the games, then I could have "benched on the bench". In the end I didn't do so. The result was that our team lost a lot of games - and I remained skinny.]

That is lovely, the only problem is that halachically one can only bench as long as the food has not been digested. The mon, however, was IMMEDIATELY absorbed into the body of the eater [Yoma 75], so there was no opportunity to bench. That left the great Chazon Ish [and us in his footsteps] wondering how Moshe could decree benching on such food.

Bonus Question: What MVP of the 1976 world series is connected to our query?

Well, it started falling before matan torah, so maybe the post matan torah halacha is not relevant...


The question takes for granted the way that the great Chazon Ish was learning the Gemara. While some mefarshim learn that the Gemara means that the mon "was IMMEDIATELY absorbed into the body of the eater" as you wrote, others learn that the mon was indeed digested. These mefarshim learn that the Gemara means to say that ALL of the mon that was eaten by the person was digested and used by the body, as opposed to having the waste component of the food ultimately removed from the body, as is the case with all of the foods we eat today (See for example Rashi's short comment to that gemara in Yoma 75b s.v. nivla).

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