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Who Is Hashem?

Something to learn from Pharoh. He is always talking about G-d. Sometimes he denies Him, sometimes he acknowledges Him but G-d is always Pharoh's main focus. He thought that G-d was so important that he even crowned HIMSELF god!!

Today most people aren't terribly interested in G-d. People talk about money, sports, entertainment, food, who is divorcing who and ..... money [and sometimes, who is divorcing who FOR MONEY...]. Our task in this world is to try to understand G-d as much as possible [the very first of the 613 mitzvos according to the Rambam is belief in G-d. What that entails would require MANY MANY BOOKS to even begin to understand] and He has been almost forgotten. People are much more interested in todays newspaper and what is happening with the stock market.

"Do not make for yourself gods of gold and gods of silver" [Shemos 20/20]. Explained the Kotzker: Do not make gold and silver your gods.

Ahhhh, the god of Mammon. So popular, so sought after, so desired - and oh so temporary. It won't bring you true happiness in this world and as the cliche goes "you can't take it with you." At the end, all we have for eternity is our relationship with Hashem. Let us not exchange false temporal gods for the real deal.

Yes indeed, "In G-d we trust."

Love and blessings from His very own backyard,

Elchanan ben Henna Miriam

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