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Hashem Is Truly Everywhere

Many people relegate G-d to the shuls and batei midrash but when it comes to "real life" such as business G-d has no place. That explains how SOME people who daven three times a day and set aside time for learning are ethically corrupt. Their awareness of G-d's presence is limited to certain places. But the truth is that G-d is everywhere and our obligation to be aware of his presence is constant.

That is what we mean we we bless the new month by saying "chaim sheyesh bahem yiras chet", we desire that our LIVES should be filled with fear of sin. ["Yirah", explains Reb Tzaddok, comes from the word "ri'iyah - seeing. To fear G-d is to see him i.e. be aware of His presence]. Our "LIVES" is referring to the gemara in Yoma [71a] "Es'haleich lifnei Hashem bi'artzos hachaim [Tehillim 116/9], amar Rav Yehudah zeh makom shevakim" - I will walk before Hashem in the land of the LIVING, this means the marketplace!

Torah is not just about "ritual" G-d forbid, but rather encompasses every area of life.

[Based on Rav Kook's Ayn Ayah Brachos Vol. 1 Page 79]

A sweet month filled with simcha, wealth, honor, love of Torah, fear of heaven, rainfall, good health and the complete redemption to us all!!

Love and blessings,

Elchanan ben Henna Miriam

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