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No More Waiting For The Number 1 Bus - Continuation

Before we get to the problem with the Minchas Chinuch ["MC"] it is worth mentioning a chiddush of the Beis Yitzchak [Rav Yitzchak Shmelkes]. The mishna in Horiyos says that if a Kohen Gadol Am Ha'aretz and a Mamzer Talmid Chacham are eating together - we honor the Mamzer and [for example] serve him first. However, in Avos Di'Rebbi Nosson it says that a Mamzer is not allowed to enter Yerushalayim. So how can the Mamzer and Kohen Gadol ever be together? The Kohen Gadol is not allowed to leave Yerushalayim and a Mamzer is not allowed to enter??

Based on the MC the Beis Yitzchak resolved the problem. If some sort of ones occurred and the Kohen Gadol didn't bring his flour offering that day then there would be no problem if he left Yerushalayim. That is how he could theoretically encouter a Mamzer.

The problem with the explanation of the MC is that a careful reading of the Rambam that I mentioned [Bikkurim 3/14] will reveal that on the day that a person brings a korban he may not RETURN HOME but rather must sleep over in Yerushalayim. But if he wishes to leave for a few hours [to go to the mall in Mevasseret?] there would be no halachic problem. So we still have no source that teaches that a Kohen Gadol may not leave Yerushalayim at all. Saying that the fact that he brings a daily korban prevents him from leaving doesn't help us because that would not explain why he is not permitted to leave at all, it only explains why he must sleep over.

So we are stuck.

[Heard from the Tolna Rebbe Shlita. There are more resolutions offered but maybe for next time.]

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