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Did you ever have a really powerful taiveh [illicit desire] for something forbidden. You said to yourself after the thought - "Boy - you are a pervert!!" You were disgusted by yourself. How can I desire such immorality [aishes ish etc.]?!

The Chassidic approach? Baruch Hashem that I have such desires. This is an indication that I have potential to reach great heights! I will now act out on this taiveh.

Wait, not so fast. I must first modify it somewhat. Instead of desiring this woman I will desire Maseches Bava Metzia. I will be determined to fulfill my hearts deepest desire - to master Bava Metzia - with Tosaphos. I will not be stopped. I don't care what people say about me. I am possessed!!!! I will conquer.


"Taiveh. The Spice Of Life."

See Tzidkas Hatzaddik 44. [Inspired by my beloved friend D.B.B.Y.T. who asked me on the phone to tell him a "shtikel Reb Tzadok". This is what I opened to.]

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