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A "Noughtty" Question

What did the basketball player take his doughnuts to the court? So he could have fun Dunkin' Doughnuts!


The booing should be a kappara..... [That is why I like having my own blog - no editor to erase my really bad jokes.]

Numerous answers have been offered to the following question: Why don't we mention Chanukah in al hamichya? Think about it. [I thank the Holy T.Z. for sending me the question.]

To a related topic: Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach suggested that the reason we have a custom to eat doughnuts [sufganiyot] on Chanukah is not only because they are made with oil because there are other foods with oil. He explained that according to the gemara [avodah zarah 52b] the Greeks violated the stones of the mizbeach which had to be put away in storage. In al hamichya we mention the mizbeach ["al mizbachecha"] which expresses our sorrow over what happened. [I guess we could also get "stoned" to commemorate that event but then we wouldn't feel sorrow...] In bentching and borei nefashos there is no mention of the mizbeach. That is why a mezonos food was chosen.

By the way, Rav Shlomo Zalman ruled that if one eats sufganiyot during a meal he should NOT make a seperate bracha. See Halichos Shlomo Page 319.

A lovely Seventh Night to all of my beloved friends.

Apparently the Rav Soloveitchik Zt'l suggested that just as bris v'torah are also not included in al hamichya (but the gemara says whoever doesn't mention them isn't yotzei ydei chovaso when it comes to bircas hamazon) so the mentioning of Chanukah and purim is also not included as it can't be any better than the essentials of bris v'torah. Apparently, the divrei chamudos in siman 135 quotes the levush with a somewhat complicated explanation that chanukah can only be mentioned as a part of hodaah, and in al hamichya, our mentioning of hodaah (which isn't v'nodeh l'cha, this is a seperate inyan of me'eyn chasima samuch lchasima)is in the words v'al eretz chemdah tova u'rechava, but since the word nodeh doesn't concur with the part of the bracha that is me'eyn the second bracha of shemone esrei, so al hanisim can't be mentioned there.

rav soloveitchik adds that this pshat that al hanisim is part of nodeh/modim suggests that one should be noheg to say al hanisim with a 'vov' bfore it. this being a 'vov' hachibur for all you grammer addicts

Rav Solovietchik ztz"l has so many brilliant things to say he should have a blog and share them with the world!! [Shtarkabriskertorahs.blogspot.com ?] But b"H he has faithful transmitters of his torahs.

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