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When The Torah Sanctioned Chametz With The Korban Pesach

We recently discussed how a person may eat a cheeseburger while fulfilling the mitzva of sitting in the succah [a goy]. What about a Jew eating his korban pesach and his matza together some delicious maror while in his kitchen he has the most sumptuous chametz'dike challos that you have ever seen?

No way, Jose?

Yes way, Joaquin! [All the time I spent in Washington Heights created within me a special affinity for Dominican names.]

If one was unable to bring the korban pesach in Nissan he has another opportunity in Iyar. This is called "Pesach Sheni". The Mishna in Pesachim [95a] teaches that one may have chametz in the home when eating the Pesach Sheni.

Is it permitted to actually EAT the korban pesach with chametz. A chometz'dike korban pesach sandwich. MMMMMMMMMM. Sounds delicious. I can't see any reason why it would be forbidden. [It would actually be tastier if it were forbidden......]

But wait!! Rashi says [Bamidbar 9/10] the following "V'ain issur chametz, ella IMO B'ACHILASO". Rashi seems to be saying that one may OWN chametz while eating his Pesach Sheni but may not actually eat the two together.

You don't see me now but I just hit the roof! Why not???? What is the problem? The mishna teaches that chametz is not a problem on Pesach Sheni so why can one not eat his korban pesach with chametz?

The drama thickens! To be continued...........

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