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Ben And Jerry On A Hot Saturday Afternoon

Is it permitted to take out ice cream on shabbos from the private domain to the public domain if there is no eruv. Forbidden! Of course. For that you don't need alleyways.

But what about a hot day when the ice cream starts melting immediately when you take it out. Then it would be "mikalkel" - a destructive act which is normally permitted [biblically and one is exempt from a korban, but forbidden rabbinically] on shabbos.

However the great Rav Yitzchak Shmelkes that in such an instance there would still be a biblical prohibition. Why? It is mekalkel because the ice cream is melting. Mekalkel is not biblically prohibited? What is his rationale?

A question for ice cream lovers world-wide.


That it is melting is not, to me, tantamount to saying that this is an instance of מקלקל. Here that it is melting is an extraneous piece of information that is in no way tied to the actual performance of the מלאכה: The מלאכה here is הוצאה of an item, and whether the item is melted or solid is irrelevant.

I found your blog recently and I have just added your link to my blog. Shkoyach!

I was honestly Mitkaven to what "Reb Will" said but I didn't write it because I thought that was not the answer Rebbe had in mind. But it shows me that I'm thinking along the same frequency as the great "Reb Will" at least on this particular question so that means a great deal to me.

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