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Chametz With The Korban Pesach - Continued

In fact, the Meshech Chochmah in Bamidbar understands Rashi to be saying that one may not eat the korban pesach with chametz and attempts to furnish proofs to that effect.

But others read Rashi differently. According to the variant reading of Rashi one MAY eat the korban pesach together with chametz. The reading would then be: "Ain issur chametz" - there is no prohibition against eating chametz on Pesach Sheni, "ella imo b'achilaso" - but rather even with the korban pesach he may eat chametz.

See Rav Shach [a giant who was barely 5 feet tall - if that] in his Avi Ezri [Hil. Korban Pesach 9/15] for a rebuttal of the Meshech Chochma.

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