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Surprising Omissions - Possible Answer

I heard an explanation that in these parshiyos the galus begins. Hashem hides when we go into galus [our job is to reveal him, galus is from the word ligalos - to reveal]. That is why his special name is hidden.

The next time Hashem's name appears [in Parshas Vayechi] is in the pasuk "leeshuascha kivisi Hashem" - I await your salvation Hashem. That is the secret - to wait and actively hope. As we say in Yigdal "yishlach liketz hayamin mishichainu, lifdos michakei ketz yishuaso" - Hashem will send Moshiach for those who WAIT for salvation. If someone doesn't wait, according to the Rambam he is a KOFER. And a heretic. And a denier. It is not enough to believe in the coming of Moshiach. One must hope for him as well.

To paraphrase a line from a popular movie in the 80's "Hope for him - and he will come".

"Ki lishuascha kivinu KOL HAYOM" - We wait for your salvation ALL DAY LONG, we proclaim in our davening three times a day.

Do we?

Love and Blessings to all!!

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