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We All Forget Sometimes

This Shabbos was both Shabbos and Rosh Chodesh. This means that when we bentched we said both Ritzei and Ya'aleh Vi'yavo - in that order, based on the rule that whatever is more frequent is done first [Tadir visheaino tadir, tadir kodem]. Let us say that a person mistakenly started to say Ya'aleh Vi'yavo FIRST and then realized in the middle that he forgot to say Ritzei. Should he stop and say Ritzei and then go back and say Ya'aleh Vi'yavo or should he finish saying YaƔleh Vi'yavo since he already started and say Ritzei afterwards?

More to come.........

An argument that I caught floating around in my head: "Well, since one did not start the Bracha at the end of U'Venei, then there should be no problem of going back, since there's no Bracha Levatala nor is there a Hefseik."

In a related note, what of the make-up Brachas they have at the end of Bentching (I've seen these in the Artscroll, and other places), to make up for missing Retzei, Ya'aleh V'Yavo, and other additions? Where do those come from?

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