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Thank you

I want to thank everyone who davened for my uncle. Now I request that you learn a mishna or say a perek tehillim l'ilui nishmaso [Moshe Chaim ben R' Shmuel Pinchas].

There is a common misconception that when we daven and the answer from Heaven is negative then the Tefilla wasn't effective. This is not correct. EVERY PRAYER has some positive effect. If not for this ill person then maybe for another one. Or maybe it will help in a completely different way. But every tefilla counts and is precious. So we are taught by our Holy Sages and that should be a source of encouragement during difficult times.

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M'omek Hagalus 27th of kislev 5768

Reb Ehrman Shlit"a,

Shalom Alechem and Yashar Koach on your excellent work. I humble myslef often by visiting your page and enjoying from the plethora of goods'kite and your emesdik love for Torah and yidden the world over [we're making our way back!]. I just wanted to let you know that I accidently typed in alleywaystotorah.blogpot.com [accidently leaving off the "s" from blogSpot] and it took me to a hardly jewish "messianic" site. [Y'rachem Hashem!] Just wanted to warn the chevra to be careful. [just another one of the pitfalls of the otherwise often helpful internet] -dovid weinberg (we met in the YU library on the 5th floor over a shagaas aryeh about 3 years ago).

R' Dovid'l I remember our historic meeting very well!!!

Indeed, there is only a hairsbreadth that seperates between gan eden and gehinnom!

Love to Rav Moshe Tzvi

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