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A Soprano Hallel

Women. They are very much a part of Chanukah. Not only because of all the delicious food that they prepare. They also are obligated to light candles [or their husbands light for them]. What about Hallel? Must women say Hallel? Well, why not? Just like they are obligated in lighting despite the fact that is a time bound mitzva because they were an integral part of the miracle [af hem hayu bi'oso ha'nes]. So too they should also be obligated to say Hallel.

Well, the Rambam isn't explicit about this issue but he DOES say [Hilchos Chanukah 3/14] that a woman may not say it on behalf of a man. Why not? Her obligation should be on the same level as his?

maybe the obligation still isn't exactly the same because we would be exempt were it not for "af hen hayu b'oto hanes", so we are obligated not because we have an obligation m'ikar hadin, but rather because mitzvat aseh shel hazman grama is overridden by another factor.

Rebbe, I should warn you that at the time of this writing I have a tremendous headache and it is quite possible that what I am about to write is complete narishkite. With that said I recall learning a commentary on the shulchan aruch on hilchos chanunukah who says that women were the reason for the miracle of chanuka. (as opposed to being part of the miracle). Is this possible or am I hallucinating?

Then why can a woman light on behalf of a man? Your svara would work to explain why a woman [according to the behag in tosfos megilla 4a] cannot be yotzei a man in krias hamegilla. He is chayav midivrei kabala [i.e. from a pasuk in ksuvim] and she is only chayeves b/c of af hen.
It is an honor that the top Talmud Scholar in Stern reads my blog. [Without getting into the ? of woman studying Talmud. For controversary see other blogs. I want to spread Torah - not controversy.]

Hillel - You are NOT hallucinating!!!

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