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A Soprano Hallel - Answer

There is a discussion as to whether we say Hallel because of the fact that Chanukah is called a Yom Tov or because of the miracle that occurred. If we accept the former approach then we understand that women are not obligated to say Hallel. The obligation to say Hallel is a time bound mitzva [i.e. Yom Tov] and women are exempt from time bound mitzvos and thus may not read Hallel for a man. [If we say that Hallel is said because of the miracle then of course women would be obligated just like men.]

Another explanation is that the Hallel is said because of the victory in the war. Women are not warriors. That is why they are exempt from Hallel.

See Sefer Ner Ish U'veiso page 234 for a discussion.

I am clearly not as learned as you, so disregard this if I am completely wrong, but I understand Chanukah not to be a Yom Tov. It is not a chag, therefore we say, "Chanukah sameach," instead of "chag sameach." Therefore Hallel would be said on the merit of the miracle, would you agree?

Reb Yehudi01 Shalom!!

That is a VERY HOLY picture. Is that you?

See Gemara Shabbos 21b 7 lines from the bottom. We don't call it a chag b/c there is no korban chagigah.

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