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How To Relax

In this weeks parsha it says something STRANGE! Yissachar saw that tranquility was good. So if I were him I would take it easy. Chill! But then it says that he "bent his shoulder to bear and became an indentured laborer." [49/15] Why?

Big lesson! Do you really want to enjoy tranquility? First you have to work hard. If a person doesn't work hard he can't enjoy tranquility. He is empty. After a HARD day of work - in Torah and even professionally - a person can enjoy the tranquility of feeling accomplished and high-achieving. It is good to work hard.

Shabbos. Ahhhhhhh Shabbos. That is the time to look back and feel like we have successfully overcome the many tests of this meshuggena world. After working hard all week we can truly enjoy Shabbos.

May'ain olam haba!

Good Shabbos Most Beloved Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[I think I heard part of the idea from the Rebbe Shlita or I saw it in Daás Chochma Umussar written by Rav Yerucham Levovitz Ztz"l - or both.]

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