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A Jewish Perspective On Santa Claus

This poem was written by my good friend Reb Aryeh Friedner:

As most Coke bottles will proudly display,

There is one main theme of Christmas day.

His original green suit didn't go with the red,

So they decided to go with that color instead.

Children are told, "Be a nice boy,

And be a nice girl, and he'll bring you a toy!"

It's not until later when they're older and grown,

That the true essence of Christmas and Santa is shown.

You see, Adam HaRishon, the first man around,

Let out a loud cry to Hashem from the ground-

"I can't believe I made such a mark,

Since that first sin the world's gotten dark!"

For on Rosh HaShana, Adam was made,

In his first fall season he saw daytime fade.

He thought that the nights would continue to grow,

And the light of the sun would soon cease to show. [See Avodah Zara 8a]

But then, at this very time of year,

The name "Winter Solstice" rang in his ear,

For then the trend turned the opposite way,

And the long nights began to give into day.

He saw that this was a natural thing,

As he turned to Hashem and started to sing,

The songs of praise that we joyfully say,

Around Chanukah time, OUR Holiday.

This moment surely never lost fame,

As pagan religions soon did the same.

The most important god to serve, they surmised,

Should be the sun, which reigned alone in the skies.

The Egyptians had Ra and the Romans had Sol,

Others put Gabal in their godly bowl.

Some celebrated "Yule" in the honor of Thor.

(That's why some Christians burn a log on the floor.)

And then came along one, that's the point of this tale,

Who adopted a religion that was more or less pale.

All the other ones threw a big bash for their boss,

And all this one had was a big wooden cross.

So Constantine (the first), the Emperor of Rome,

Stole all their ideas, brought them into his home.

Not having fun was beginning to hurt,

And how else would he convince the whole world to convert?

For the real truth is of little debate,

Jesus was simply not born on this date.

Some scholars say in Apr. and some say in Mar.,

But it's generally accepted that Dec. 25 is a farce.

When the facts are studied, the truth comes out clean,

And the reason for Santa Claus is easily seen.

What better choice is there for them to insist,

Than a big jolly man that doesn't exist.

So remember the true reason why Christmas is here,

Not to spread joy, not gladness, not cheer.

But because our society doesn't care for what's real,

What's truth and what's fact, they don't generally feel.

Thank G-d we have Torah to show us the way,

To give us real meaning for every part of our day.

Now, why on Chanukah do we light candles at night?

I wish the truth to all, we should all see the light.

nice poem! another interesting thing that they made up: most scholars believe that oto haish was actually born in the galil, not beit lechem, and there is much archeological and historical evidence to support that. so why did they make beit lechem his birth place? because they needed a way to convince jews that he was really the mashiach, and we weren't buying it, so they made him a native of beit lechem so that they could more easily claim that he was from beit david. baruch hashem, we still don't buy it, plus, there is overwhelming consensus now that not only was oto haish's birth date to suit their needs, but so was his birthplace.

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