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Snow And Teshuva

I AM SNOOOOOOOOOOOW EXCITED!!! The weatherperson [my daughter Gila] told me that snow is going to descend upon Jerusalem. That inspired me to write about another type of snow in Jerusalem.

"If your sins are like scarlet they will become as white as SNOW, if they have become as red as a worm [ka'tola] they will become as white as wool". [Yishayahu 1/18] The Yerushalmi [Shabbos 9/3] explains that the first part of the sentence ["If ... snow"] is referring to the first beis hamikdash when the scarlet thread [lashon shel zehoris] turned as white as snow on Yom Kippur indicating that the sins of the Jews were completely forgiven. The latter part of the sentence is referring to the second beis hamikdash when the scarlet only turned as white as wool indicating that the sins of the Jews were only partially forgiven.

The Legendary Rav Meir Simcha of Dvinsk in his Meshech Chochmah [in the Haftorah to Parshas Devarim; a shout out to my friend R' Yaakov Ellis who learned Meshech Chochma with me on Thursday nights back when Netiv Aryeh was called Yeshivat Hakotel. Check out his site "Tanachyomi.com"] explains as follows: In the time of the first beis hamikdash the Jews were really pure inside and only sinned externally. This was represented by a scarlet which is white on the inside and only colored red on the outside. When the Jews repented the scarlet turned as white as snow - whiter than white, as white as white can be, complete purity!

During the period of the second beis hamikdash the sins of the Jews penetrated much closer to their core. This was represented by a "tola" which is a worm with red blood inside. The Jews were impure even on the inside. They were filled with hatred and hostility towards each other. So when they repented their sins became only as white as wool - a darker shade of white than snow.

Hopefully the snow will arouse us to purify our deeds until they are completely white like snow.

And hopefully I will help my children build a snowman. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rebbe, don't forget the carrot for the nose.

Just took a look by weather.com... doesn't look good. Lowest temperature will be 35 degrees on Thursday night.

It's all up to HKBH anyways...

Hi, I´m too live in Jerusalem and I have a Torah blog in spanish with some friends. I´d like to translate your post and post in my blog. Can you give your permission?
If your like you can visit our site: elsabordelrimon.blogspot.com
Judith Lerner

Dear Judi
Yes absolutely!

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