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To Hear The Divine Voice

Three men are in the desert, one has food, the second has water and the third guy has part of a wall with a window. The first guy is asked why he brought food. "To eat if I get hungry." The second fellow is asked why he brought water. "To drink if I get thirsty." The third guy is asked why he brought part of a wall with a window. He replies "If it gets hot I will open the window...." [Courtesy of Shmuli Ehrman]

Why did Hashem choose to give the Torah in the desert and not in an inhabited area?

There is so much NOISE in the world. It is hard to think and really concentrate. So much going on! Hashem wanted our UNDIVIDED attention. That is only possible in a desert. In fact the word for desert is "midbar" - which also means to speak. To really hear someone speak we need a desert. [Rav Moshe Schapiro Shlita]

Today the world is so much louder than it ever was. Television, radio, computers, cellular phones etc. etc. Everybody needs to find his own personal desert where he can think. That is the challenge of todays world - finding a time and place to think.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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