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"I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done."

Steven Wright

We know that there is a melacha on Shabbos called "koseiv". If one writes two letters he has violated Shabbos with koseiv. However there is also a melacha called "tzovea" - coloring. Every time a person writes he is also coloring the page [blue pen, black pen, red pen etc.]. How come one is not liable for tzovea as well? [Rav Yitzchak Schmelkes in Beis Yitzchak chelek aleph in the mafteichos to simman aleph, os heh]

i'm guessing that the d'oraita act of tzoveia would be on an animal skin for the specific constructive purpose of having a colorful hide (such as for decorating the mishkan).

when writing, the color remaining from the ink is at best davar she'aino mitkavein in which case it would drop a notch from malacha d'oraita. as such, we can then always apply the kim lei principle and he would only be chayav on "koisev".

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