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Becoming A Giant

Yesterday was the Super Bowl. I don't know who won but I know who I was rooting for.

The Dolphins.

Although I am no longer a football fan, growing up I was a die-hard Dolphins fan. So I still have feelings towards the "love of my youth."

Ahhhhh, you will tell me, "Sorry to break the news but the Fins didn't quite make it this year [that must mean that they lost the AFC championship game. Close call!] so that is not one of the choices."

Which brings me to my point: We all have free choice. Our service in this world is to reach a point where we would no longer even CONSIDER sinning. In fact, there are some sins for which we don't really have free choice. For example - murder. Nobody reading this would ever consider murdering another human being. Likewise, every sin should be as unthinkable as murder. Lashon Hara, anger, illicit thoughts, talking during davening etc. etc. should all be completely taboo. A sin should be as likely to occur as the Dolphins winning this years Super Bowl.

But that requires a GREAT DEAL of fear of heaven. And siyata dishmaya. If you reach that point you will truly be a "GIANT".

Good Luck!!

Love and blessings

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