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Suffering Can Be Good

"Tov lee kee uneysee, lima'an elmad chukecha" - It is good that I was afflicted in order that I should study your statutes [Tehillim 119].

People think that learning is supposed to be easy. NO, NO, NO! Learning is supposed to be hard. No pain, no gain!!!!!!

If you are toiling then you know that you are learning. If you are coasting then some changes should be made.

[Based on the Sfas Emes]

Love and blessings sweetest friends!!!!!!!!!!!

but if god just wants us to learn his torah then why does he give us so many things that keep us from not learning his torah?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Danil Eliyahu - Shalom! So that we FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yaakov Aviezer - Why did you remove it ? I liked it!!!!!!!!!

One day I wasn’t feeling so well. My friend Yehuda came over to visit me. I really wanted to know if he was my true friend or not. So I asked him to run into town and pick me up a fresh everything bagel with hash browns. Right before he was about to leave I quietly hid his keys in the other room. After searching for ten minutes he finally found it. He then rushed out the door to get to the bagel store before the breakfast rush. He didn’t make it in time. He had to wait on line for 20 minutes. When he ordered an everything bagel with hash browns the man behind the counter told him they don’t carry hash browns. I happened to know that the only bagel store that carries hash browns is the one a few more miles away. Yehuda left the bagel store and headed to the other. Along the way I asked him to pick me up a few other things here and there. I mean he was out anyway it was only another 20 minutes. The reason I put him through all the trouble was to see how good of a friend he was. To see how much he wanted to do for me. What he would go through to bring joy to another. I don’t believe this is the best mashul but maybe you can find some light in it. Some help to your question. HaShem wants to see how much we fight for our precious Torah. How much were willing to give up for it. It’s hard work with many stumbling blocks along the road. It would be so easy to just sit and learn. Its much more satisfying and it brings much nachas to HaShem when we really exert much effort into the most precious gift of all. The words we live and die for. His holy holy Torah.

-Sorry if it didn’t help it’s harder to write it…

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