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Mazel Tov!!

Mazel Tov to my sweet [and very learned] friend Yaakov Dov Hakohen Slomnicki and his kallah Rochel Weiss who are getting married this week. I am so excited that even though the wedding is in the US I think that I will fly there without an airplane. I am on "Cloud Nine" so maybe the cloud will be blown over there.

Mazel Tov to my sweet [and very learned] friend Daniel Hakohen Tabak who became engaged this week to his kallah who doubtless has a name [and a great personality] but I just don't know it.

And to ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of the other Yidden who have Simchas - Ken Yirbu!! [No relation to Ken Griffey]

no relation to ken griffey, but he gets a mazel tov as well, on his 600th career home run...


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