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Faulty Analogy

There is an opinion that one is allowed to eat meat leftovers from Shabbos during the nine days. They prove this from the gemara that says that according to the opinion that an animal could be eaten without proper shechitah in the desert, the Jews were allowed to eat the leftovers from the desert even after arriving in Eretz Yisrael [where they were now obligated in shechitah and the meat should be forbidden].

What is wrong with this analogy??

It sounds like a good analogy to me.

The problem with eating meat from the desert would be that now that שחיטה is required it is מאכלות אסורות - it is נבילה vis-a-vis שחיטה. But that status can only be חל at the animal's death, once the animal was killed properly (נחירה in the desert) it was not a נבילה and it cannot magically become a נבילה now.

The 9 days, however, are an איסור זמן. There is no status change in the object, such that since it was מותר then it's מותר now. Just as no-one would argue that just as it's מותר to eat food before יו"כ so too it is on יו"כ based on the analogy to חולין טז-יז, so too I don't think that it makes sense here. The whole point is that it's an איסור זמן! (If you want to invoke הפסד מרובה or something along those lines then it makes a lot more sense to permit the meat.)

The way Rav Benzion Abba Shaul put it was meat in midbar - isser cheftza. 9 days - isser gavra.

Fortunate is that gadol that he was michavain ladaas gadolwillworkforfood.

Hi Rebbe where is the source for that opinion?

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