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Tisha B'av Kasher Vi 'Sameach??

This evening [Motzaei Tisha B'av] I heard in the name of Rav Soloveitchik that just as on Pesach night one should relate the story of Yetzias Mitzraim and study with his children, so too on Tisha B'av one should study [Tisha B'av topics] with his children.

Where did he get that from? Maybe just as on Succos we sit in a Succah, so too on Tisha B'av. Or just as on Chanukah we light candles so too on Tisha B'av! Or just as on Purim ....


However The [aforementioned] Rav [known affectionately as "The Rav"] was a Torah Titan and I [a Torah Lilliputian] am sure that there is something behind his statement.

I thought that maybe he was referring to the Chazal on the pasuk in Eicha [3/15] "Hisbiyani bimirorim [like maror] hirvani laana" that every year the first night of Pesach falls out on the same day of the week as the night of Tisha B'av. This is quoted by the Rema in the laws of Pesach. So we see a connection between Pesach and Tisha B'av.

But I ask you my beloved friends - What did Chazal mean to teach us when they found an allusion to Pesach in Eicha?? [Full disclosure - I once heard a whole shiur on the topic from the Rebbe Shlita.]

I'm just guessing based on all the Geshmak Torah i heard on this not so geshmak day of Tisha B'av. If we wish to rebuild the beis hamikdash and end all tisha b'av's forever then we have to be united like we were when we left mitzrayim. When Hashem took us out we were all united as one. We were all happy and loving each other. If we wish to bring mashiach we have to be like that day. We have to be one and love each and every yid. I think that may be a connection between pesach and i guess eichah.

we do connect the two. we say the kinnah "b'tzeisi mimitzrayim...b'tzeisi miyerushalyim". and i heard kind of the revers of what yaakov a said from rav frand, that if we fail to appreciate the lessons of pesach (unity), then guarenteed, that same year, on the same night of the week as seder night, we will once again fast and sit on the floor for tisha b'av.

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