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You Live In A [Potential] Beis Hamikdash, Mr. Cohen

Rav Yochanan, relates the Medrash [Vayikra 22], would make noise before entering his home. Why? Because it says "Vinishma kolo bivo'o el hakodesh" - He would make noise when entering the holy. In fact the gemara elsewhere [Pesachim 112] says that everybody should knock before entering.

Who is this pasuk talking about and in what context? It is talking about the Kohen Gadol entering the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur [he had bells on his garment that made noise]. What does this have to do with us??

From this we see, said the Alter Mi'Slabodka the Giant of Mussar Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel, that every person can elevate himself to the level of a Kohen Gadol on Yom Kippur and that every home can be on the level of the Holy of Holies.


if i recall correctly from the Rambam, in the morning they would throw a metal instrument into the beit hamikdash (which part of the beit hamikdash i'm a little hazy on)
the goal being to make noise in order to alert the guards that they were entering to begin the morning service..

so maybe the passuk alludes to this as well, not just the Kohen Gadol on Yom Kippur..

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